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Manifesting Joy

Here’s the thing about joy: it’s the result of our attitudes and our actions. 🔥🔥🔥

If we sit around waiting for the feeling of joy to strike, life will pass us by. In fact we can go years and years without actually making progress. On the other hand, if we take one small action each day to elevate our mood and be of service to our community, our lives will change radically right before our eyes. ❤️❤️❤️

Here’s the simple recipe to manifest more joy:

Right Attitude: when we behold our mission, purpose, and values gratitude natural arises. In the same way that our breath naturally arises, without our interference. And gratitude is the natural precursor and prerequisite for joy. Where gratitude happens, joy is soon to follow.

Right Actions: when we detach from outcomes and engage in our work for the simple sake of service, the natural outcome is joy. In fact if we can enjoy the simple doing of things, then the ripple effects will touch all facets of our lives. If we want to feel good, we must do good.

Right Awareness: without regularly taking stock in our progress, we will inevitably drift towards delusion. A daily inventory of our wins and opportunities for improvement will help clean our conscience and align us with our intentions.

Before we actively engage in this process, the concept of joy can seem so ethereal and ephemeral. We can feel powerless over our mood. Waiting for inspiration day after day. Idly wondering if tomorrow will magically feel different. And slapping on Band-Aids to manage our mood. Numbing out to Netflix. Losing ourselves in pornography. Eating junk food. Or any number of other stopgaps. 😔

Wouldn’t it just be simpler and more effective to invest in ourselves? Figure out what lights us up. Do one thing each day to be of service. And create a support system to keep us on track. The math is simple, yet the results will be profound. 😍

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