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Negative Thought Patterns

When you’re looking to increase your energetic levels of attractiveness, a great first step is to rigorously examine any time you catch yourself engaging in victim-oriented thinking.

Wherever you find yourself closing, constricting, and shutting down from life’s possibilities. 😔

Watch out for some of these common victim messages you might catch yourself repeating:

I’m too [insert self-criticism]: this can be anything like “I’m too fat,” “I’m too old,” “I’m too short,” “I’m too tall,” or whatever. It really doesn’t matter. As soon as you find yourself saying “I’m too…” your victim energy alarm bells should be going off.

I’m not [insert self-limiting belief]: the opposite of the above statement, is the messages you tell yourself about all you lack. For instance, “I’m not rich enough,” “I’m not young enough,” or even variations on that theme, such as “There aren’t enough gay men in my area.” If only thinking: if you catch yourself fantasizing about how you wish the world is (or how your past was) so you could then get started building the life of your dreams, then beware. Reality is what it is. Until you change it. The past is a bridge to nowhere. Completely fixed and unchangeable. Some examples of this kind of thinking are, “If only I lived in a big city, then I would meet lots of gay guys,” or “If only I were better looking, then more guys would want to date me…” etc.

Victim thinking will kill your confidence and often initiate a downward spiral in your energetic level of attractiveness. And so much of this thinking is habitual. We do this without even thinking about it! But the good news is that means when we encounter these thought patterns all we have to remember is to do something different. 🔥🔥🔥

Doing something different (anything) will snap us out of this pattern, and make it easier to align to our core beliefs and intentions. ❤️❤️❤️

Here’s how: ✅ Observe your habitual thought patterns ✅ Acknowledge what you’re doing (such as victim-oriented thinking) ✅ Do something different (anything), so you can break the pattern ✅ Realign your thoughts to your core beliefs and intentions (what you really believe and are working to achieve)

I learned so much about this technique by working directly with Zach and Andrew, who are absolute masters at (and coaches of) Energetic Attraction.

But the cool thing is this is a skill, not a talent. And that means you can learn it too!

And before you know it your positive thinking and energetic attractiveness will grow by leaps and bounds! 😍

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