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Our Tacit Phobias

Straight people who "aren't queerphobic" are part of the reason queerphobia is alive and well today.

Many people have covert contracts with their spouses, family, friends, and colleagues. They tolerate all sorts of queerphobic choices as a means to maintain peace, just get along, keep their job, win new business, or any number of reasons they might tell themselves to excuse their complicity.

But they would never do that for issues other than queer civil rights. They might march in our parades, use our hashtags, and wear rainbow stickers, while choosing not to realize that their tacit approval emboldens the bigotry of others.

In fact, we are all guilty of this. 🔥

From time to time, on any number of issues, we each make pragmatic choices that abandon our loved ones. So we can cultivate empathy and compassion, while we wonder what we are going to require of ourselves and our allies, and learn to love each other more deeply. ❤️

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