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Start Affirming Your Dignity

So many of us struggle to believe in our innate goodness. We continually trawl the detritus of our lives for evidence of our own unworthiness. Think our worst decisions are all of who we are. That our worst fears alone define us. 🙁

We build a straw man of an impoverished identity designed to keep us playing it small and lying low. And then over time, this habitual thinking becomes a prison of our own making. We become afraid that without this straw man we won’t know who we are. And slowly this thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 😔


If we just owned, acknowledged, and affirmed our dignity, it would inevitably lead to radical life changes. If we traded our Band-Aids for booster shots, we would find that it’s much easier to set down these shackles than we ever dreamed. If we shifted our investments from personal stress management to personal growth and development, then we would see we have more resources than we ever realized. ❤️❤️❤️

Each of us needs to find our way to freedom. But we don’t have to do that alone. Nor are we meant to. All life requires is that we raise our hand to ask for help and support, and then demonstrate the willingness to take that leap of faith. 😍

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