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Award-Winning, Best-Selling Inspirational Author and Speaker


I use my experience, strength, and hope to challenge and inspire change-oriented gay men all over the world to get real, get to work, and unleash their true potential through my books, articles, blog posts, videos, and public speaking engagements.

  • Gold Award in the Reader Views Reviewer's Choice Awards (Mind/Body/Spirit)

  • Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards (Non-Fiction)

  • Finalist in the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards (LGBTQ+ Adult Non-Fiction)

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A Gay Man's Guide to Life

A personal growth and development manual that combines memoir with practical and pragmatic advice to challenge and inspire gay men to live their best lives. No new-age mumbo jumbo or wishy washy self-help jargon. Just real work focused on real results to unleash our true selves and unlock our best lives.

"With A Gay Man's Guide to Life, Britt has addressed many of the struggles that we GBTQ men face, and provided actionable, empowering information to change the way you see your life, and help you stand up to claim what is yours."

--Jonathan Beal, men's mentor and coach



    My books present an approachable, no-nonsense path for gay men to set down their excuses and get down to work on the business of improving their lives. No new-age mumbo jumbo or wishy-washy self-help jargon. Just real work focused on real results to unleash their true selves and unlock their best lives.


    From spirituality to healthy sex, from taking care of your body to managing your career and finances, my free articles address a variety of issues facing gay men, to help them get real and get to work.

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    My free blog consists of brief, inspirational posts that are a great way for gay men to challenge and motivate themselves daily to get out there and lead their best lives.

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    Download and listen to the various podcasts on which I've been interviewed about all sorts of topics, ranging from gay liberation to building your best life.

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