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I offer my unique guidance about body, mind, and spirit to Queer people seeking more passion and empowerment. You must learn how to live from your vital core, and allow your yearning soul to ache, in order to heed the call of what the universe truly craves from you.

But you can do this. In fact, everyone can. With just a little guidance.


I help outraged optimists, heartbroken healers, space holders, and personal growth veterans recognize and leverage their unique magic by guiding them to know what to embrace and what to release.

With well over twenty years of experience in the 12 Steps, Non-Violent Communication, yoga, Buddhism, the Hoffman Process, and many other modalities, I have access to a variety of tools, techniques, and resources to help you get real, achieve your goals, and embody your values.

Think of it as the fierce, no nonsense, tried and true kitchen table wisdom that we as Queer people so often missed as children. But now it's our turn. And with some guidance you'll be amazed by how much you thrive.

Now we get to reclaim what was taken from us. Because you are already worthy, necessary, and whole. 

And you've got this.


You're confident, successful, and smart, yet feel like something is missing from your life -- and try as you might, you just can't seem to figure out what...

You're kind, compassionate and caring. You try your best to take care of all your friends and loved ones, but struggle to get the support you need to feel nourished and well-resourced...

You're independent and put a lot of pressure on yourself to have it all together, but don't yet know how to be vulnerable, surrender, and collapse in the arms of a loved one...

You're sick of wearing masks to look like the perfect catch, struggling with persistent loneliness, and desperately just want to be loved as you are...

It's time to come home. To yourself.


Welcome to a world that invites and inspires you to create fulfilment through your personal freedom and passionate spirit.

In sessions, we might go to some surprising and unexpected places - but our conversations will often look like this:

  • We will talk privately on Zoom for 50 minutes each week

  • I will listen, ask questions, observe, and help you reflect on all you share with me

  • We will explore your thoughts, habits, behaviors, beliefs, hopes, and fears

  • I will celebrate and support you, like the loving brother that maybe you've never had

  • I will offer information, insights, and ideas related to your goals and challenges

  • I will teach you new skills to help you navigate the world and create the life you've been longing for

  • You will set goals, take action, and discover new ways of doing and being

  • I will help you hold yourself accountable

  • Your life will begin to change and transform

  • You will meet the you that you've always been meant to be

My professional commitment to you is that I will remain compassionately present and attentive. I will listen and support you in creating the awareness that will stoke inspiration.


Leave your old life at the door and enter a world where you are de-conditioned into confidence, charisma, authentic expression, and wild sovereignty.

As your personal guide, I'm here to kindly nurture your untapped potential, while moving you to higher levels of responsibility and accountability, in order to help you reach your goals. I'm trained to listen, observe, intuit, and help you explore and understand the barriers that have been keeping you from the life of your dreams.

Helping others wake up to the true nature of life, clarifying their goals, and then turning them into reality is one of my great passions. It’s from this place of awakened doing that an amazing life emerges. Let’s discover yours. Together.

Because you don't have to do this alone anymore.


Come warm your hands with me by the gentle fires of life, as we sit together -- alchemizing, empowering, embodying, and expressing all that it is to be both human and divine.

  1. Complete and submit the form at the bottom of this webpage.

  2. I will email you in order to schedule a free personal consultation.

  3. We will discuss your goals, questions, and concerns, in order to ensure we are a good match.

  4. If we decide to work together, we will discuss pricing and I will send you a personal link so you can enroll. 

  5. If we decide we are not a good match, I will happily refer you to one or more of my colleagues.


Submit the form below and start your grand adventure today!

Thanks for inquiring about personal guidance! I will email you shortly to schedule a free consultation on Zoom!
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