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Band-Aids vs Booster Shots

In the context of personal growth and development, Band-Aids are those coping mechanisms we use to manage stress, but often inadvertently keep us stuck in negative love patterns. 😔

On the other hand, booster shots are those investments we make to nurture, heal, and assist our transformation, and often help lift ourselves out of despair, in order to build the life of our dreams. 😍


It’s cheaper in the long run and more fun in the here and now!

Here are some potential booster shots to which you might shift your investments:

  • Hire a life coach

  • Start working with a talk therapist

  • Hire a personal trainer (at the gym)

  • Go to a yoga class

  • Study meditation

  • Have an annual physical with your primary healthcare professional

Here are some Band-Aids you might shed:

  • Skip the daily latte

  • Drink less alcohol

  • Give up recreational drugs

  • Buy fewer clothes, or shop at less expensive stores

  • Give up video games

  • Eat out less, or at fewer fancy restaurants

  • Skip the next expensive concert or event, or buy cheaper tickets

  • Take a cheaper vacation, or opt for a “staycation”

What Band-Aids are you willing to rip off in the name of your personal growth and development? What booster shots are you willing to invest in?

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