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Chosen Family

Being part of a chosen family requires that we be fully present in life. And that we look deeply at the reality of it. That we acknowledge it and own it. Such that we might cultivate compassion and foster positive change. 🥰

This process starts with recognizing who we truly are and where we have actually been. Looking inward, we turn our pain and suffering into compassion, as we learn to practice self-empathy. By vulnerably extending that empathy to our loved ones, we build interdependency and intimacy, as we create those relationships that will sustain us and push us to new heights.🔥🔥🔥

None of us can do it alone. But the good news is none of us have to. As GBTQ men, we get to choose our family.

We stand shoulder to shoulder as we confront issues of life and love. We happily celebrate our wins and vulnerably share our losses. Secure in the knowledge that we are always there for one another. No matter the issue or occasion. 💪

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