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It’s Time to Get Real About Your Community

We talk a lot about the LGBTQIA+ community, but rarely pause to reflect on what we're really talking about. Who gets to be in our community? Who doesn't? What does it take to qualify? Who leads us? And why does our community feel sometimes feel so tenuous?

"When we finally find and embrace our true selves, the first thing many gay men do is seek other gay men. And that initial search is often about sex. There is brotherhood in belonging. In dancing together. Laughing together. Hunting together."

"But I’m continually surprised by the number of us out gay men who are not friends with other out gay men. The number of us gay men who come together just for the sake of coming together. And then separate in sheepishness. Fumbling with our phones, feet shuffling slowly, as we eye life’s exits."

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