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It’s Time to Get Real About Your Spirit

If, like me, you live with a residual shame and internalized homophobia born of religious bigotry, "spirituality" can be a loaded word. A set-up.

But I want you to understand something:


"I come from a Christian family, and experienced Christian abuse. My family questioned, shamed, and ridiculed my sexuality and gender expression, until they forced me in the closet altogether. With the help of our primitive culture. All in the name of Jesus."

Now that may sound sad, but I assure you that by investing in myself and lots of hard work, I WAS ABLE TO RECLAIM MY SPIRIT.

I created a spiritual practice that's right for me. Based on loving kindness. Radical togetherness. Laughter and play. And an abiding love of nature.

If you would like to learn how, check out the rest of my FREE article!

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