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No Day But Today

The vast majority of us cannot afford the childlike decadence of living exclusively in the present.

We carry forth histories. And obligations. Our mythologies are focused on the past, while our duties provide for the future. These experiences are essential to our worldview, culture, mission, purpose, and values. ❤️

Yet if we don’t take at least a little time each day to fully experience a present moment, something deep and profound is lost. Because while we may be our past, and we may work toward our future…


Right here. Right now. This is our inheritance. All that we own.

We GBTQ men have so much healing to do. So much past trauma resides in our bodies. So much future anxiety teases our minds. These forces are very real, and must be dealt with in order to heal. 🔥🔥🔥

But most of us also experience moments each day of present peace. Space beyond torment and fear. And if we simply stop for a moment, and savor that space, we will come to know joy. The equation is really quite simple. 😍

That feeling of peace will soon pass of its own accord. And our present moment will fill with other feelings. These too will dissipate over time, if we let them. It is when we desperately cling to our feelings that we lose space for the present. For feelings are fleeting and ever-flowing.

The key is just an experiencing and letting go, so the feelings can move through you like breath. Inhale. Exhale. No grasping. Or thinking. Just being yourself. And loving what is. 😍 😍 😍

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