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Looking for a quick boost to your self-confidence? 😀

🔥 Stop self-censoring.🔥

Filters are important tools to facilitate social interactions. But they are not places to hide. Nor should they alter your sense of self.

What are all the ways you dim your own light?

✅ Do you ever act straight?

✅ Do you pretend to be more masculine than you might actually feel?

✅ Do you change your appearance based on what you think others might like?

✅ Do you ever pretend to like something you don’t?

✅ Do you ever go along with things just to be part of the group?

Self-confidence comes from being seen and known.

Look, we all play various roles at different times in life. And nobody is asking you to risk your livelihood, life, or limb to do something you’re not ready for. But I want you to be honest with yourself about the cost. The toll that self-censoring exacts on every facet of your life.


I encourage you to cultivate your comfort with uncertainty and set down your masks. Take up space. Let people see the real you. So you can experience the thrill of togetherness. 😍

I want to hear your plans to be your most unapologetically authentic selves.

What are you going to do today to stand out from the crowd?

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