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The Uncertain Heart

Reading, learning, and listening are essential parts of all our personal growth and development journeys. But one paradox of these journeys is that the wisdom required for our spiritual transformation is not a way of knowing, but a way of being. ❤️❤️❤️

Wisdom is an embodied knowledge, accumulated only through lived experience. In fact the wise heart is not the one that understands everything, but the one that embraces the truth of not understanding anything...


Wisdom savors the beauty of life’s mysteries, when our hearts are cracked open in wonder. Silent and patient, sitting in stillness. And this simple presence is the starting point for most good things in our life. 😍

So by all means, learn all you can. Soak up the knowledge of your peers and your elders. But save some time each day to complement your thoughts with a silent embodiment. Such that you might manifest your dreams. 🤩

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