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Time to Take a Risk

It’s time for each of us to go out and have an adventure. Say something silly. Do something foolish. Take a risk! 🔥🔥🔥

Now I’m not stupid or naive. I know there are considerable consequences for many of us. We tell ourselves that we lack capacity. We internalize the bigotry of straight society, and think we don’t deserve full, rich lives. We believe the lies that we aren’t enough as we are: not safe enough, rich enough, loved enough, etc. 😔

While it may be true that not every risk is healthy or wise, I believe we only get one shot at life. That time slips through our fingers. And “thriving” is just another way of saying, “I’m here, world. Take me as I am. I’m ready to meet this moment. To set down my fears, relinquish my illusions of control, give it my all, and love what is.” 😍

Because while much may be risked and lost, what’s the alternative? That’s our life passing us by. And if we can’t find a way to enjoy the doing of things, then our cups will never truly be full. ❤️❤️❤️

Here are some little risks many of us can afford that will also change the world: Public Displays of Affection (PDAs): gentle PDAs are a great way to introduce more love and authenticity into your community. Hug. Hold hands. Kiss. It doesn’t have to be with a lover. We all deserve loving touch and space in this world. Seize your share! In some places this might be just plain dangerous. But that's all the more reason to do it! I’m not telling you to set down your life; I’m asking you to consider the alternative: generations of GBTQ men living alone and afraid. Just think how much it might mean to little GBTQ boys to see public displays of affection between men, out in the real world! Just think how it would challenge straight society to confront our tender love!

Share about your life: exchange anecdotes about your life with everyone you meet. Especially with straight people. Just like they do. Stop self-censoring! Do you think a straight person considers your opinion before telling you what they did last weekend, or what their plans are for the holidays? Of course not! Stop trying to fit into some mold of what straight society says you should be. Or how you should act. Or look like. Or GBTQ society for that matter. Let all that go and be yourself! It just might be the most radical political action you ever undertake…

Let go just a little: just give up. You’re not in control. Promise. Sure you can make smart, healthy decisions to plan for the future, but they certainly don’t guarantee any outcomes. So temper those decisions with a little fun. Cultivate a lighter touch. An endearing sense of humor. You’re not that important. It’s not that serious. It’s only life after all. At the end of your life, would you rather have had a few more years on the planet, if it comes at the cost of your love, laughter, and relationships? Playing it safe, huddled in a corner, yearning to be set free? Or would you prefer your life be touched as fire from heaven? Unfettered, electric, spontaneous, an inspiration to others?

Look I know it’s scary, but we can’t afford not to do this work. The entire world needs us to live our best lives. And sharing your true self with the world is your greatest gift. I promise you that we were not meant to spend our lives huddled over computer screens, shivering in solitude.

The secret of life is merely this: learn to live and live well, such that all might see you, be inspired, and awaken. ❤️

Now let’s get out there and do this! 🔥

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