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Whose I Am

Once upon a time I built a fortress around my soul. And around that fortress I poured a moat. To seal myself from the world, such that nobody might ever see me or know me again.

But after lots of hard work and introspection, something quite unexpected happened: I began to heal. And little by little, I found support. And then professional help. And, eventually, I found you:


Sometimes I still just want to run. Hide behind the bunker. Cut myself out of the world. Peel my life away from the bone.


And I know whose I am. And I know what’s real. What it’s like to be part of a community. How to put attitude into action. That serving others is the only way to build a true sense of self. That there are no finish lines, and there will never be a time when I magically have it all together.

Because each day is a new beginning. A chance for me to choose you. And allow myself to be claimed.

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