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You've Paid Enough

We can only really give what we have.

During the holidays it can be so tempting for us to try and mask our shortcomings with excessive generosity. Purchasing outlandish gifts for ourselves or others as some form of retail therapy. 😕

Trying to pretend that we’re more than we are. Or at least different. Trying to look big when we feel small. Knowing that we don’t have the cash on hand to bankroll these expenses. That we will have to finance these decisions with excessive credit card debt. And spend all January trying to pay it off. Or even longer. ☹️

But I want you to know something:


We all have…

Look there’s nothing wrong with generosity. It’s beautiful. But if we find ourselves trying to impress others, then it’s time to get curious. If we find ourselves spending more than we have, or financing more than we can realistically pay back (without adding to our debt), it’s time to inquire.

What’s really going on here? What feelings or situations are we attempting to avoid? What is the real cost of not dealing with the root causes of these issues? And why are we trying to do this alone? 🤔

How much would we save if we shifted our spending away from Band-Aids and toward our health and wellness? Our personal growth and development? 💪

And what would happen if only we asked for help? ❤️

If you find yourself lonely and vulnerable this holiday season, I want you to know that we are right here with you. Your band of brothers. Your tribe. There is nowhere to hide. We have claimed you. You're ours. 😇

There is nowhere you can sink that we cannot love you. So now it's time to start paying yourself first! 😍

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