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Hope for the Holidays

Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend we hate the holidays. Or joke about them...

Because the real truth scares us. Maybe another year has gone by, yet we feel lonelier than ever. Maybe we’ve failed to live up to our own expectations, and dread facing our families. Or maybe we just don’t know where we fit in anymore. 😔

The holidays can be so tough for so many of us. It’s tempting to play the Grinch. The spoiler. Making fun of it all. As if we're above the saccharine sentimentality and rank materialism. Immune to the cloying carols and inured to the cheer. When really we all long to be loved.

If you find yourself slipping into the holiday grumps, I want you to remember this old saying:


Hope is not for the weak or the delusional. It’s for all of us. All of us who want to get empowered. And fuel the lighthouse of our souls. All of us who have a bias towards action and fire in our bellies.

We make progress by first changing our attitude and then placing one foot in front of the other. After we take that first step, it's natural to look down and notice our progress. Appreciate our effort. Hope naturally arises. And then we take another step. ❤️

First we act, and then we hope, and then we act some more. Action is the meat of the meal and hope is the secret sauce. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

I know it’s counter-intuitive, but inspiration and intention actually come later. So if you want to create powerful change, take action and then get hopeful. The rest will follow. 😍

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