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It’s Time to Get Real About Your Body

I wasted so many years hating myself. Not realizing that those very parts of me I loathed were loved by others. Even coveted. And it all started with my body. 😔

But I want you to understand something: no matter who you are...


No matter the size of your waistline. Whatever your height. Or your race. No matter your gender expression. Whatever your hair color or texture. Your body is worthy of love. Especially from you.

✅You can learn to feel sexy

✅You can learn to feel beautiful

✅You can learn to appreciate all your body does for you

"The very first thing I remember hating was my body. It was my body that betrayed me. That longed for physical contact with other boys. Prevented my entrance into the idealized masculine. It wasn’t my fault. It was my body’s feminine voice. My body’s swishy gestures. My body’s secret desires.

Homosexuality was dangerous, and it was my body that was under siege. That’s why I could not stand the sight or sound of my body. Didn’t dare look at myself in the mirror or in photos. Audio and video recordings were disastrous.

They forced me to confront what the world met when it met me: a sissy. Which is to say I was tender-hearted and gender-nonconforming. Not meant for this world. Or at least not meant for the world of straight men.”

🔥 Now that may sound sad, but I assure you through investing in myself and lots of hard work, I WAS ABLE TO CREATE A LIVE WORTH LIVING! 🔥

Now I stand tall. And walk proud. I embrace all of who I am. And I think I'm sexy as hell! ❤️

If you would like to learn how, check out the rest of my FREE article!

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